New plugins and new AI on the #Server!

Server updates:
- New Plugins: SmallerBoard10 and SmallerBoard12. For games on smaller boards (10×10 or 12×12). Bomb explodes a smaller area as well. (Because of the client, it still looks big before you actually use it)
- The better AIs requires the opponent to have at least (AI rating – 800) rating to play. For example, AI Nightmare has 3200. So you need at least 3200 – 800 = 2400 rating to play Nightmare.
- New AI: #AI_Mirror (since AI_Mirror does not have rating, you need to have 2500 rating to play it). This is only the first version of AI_Mirror. Balancing it is not easy. It can be really slow if you play in a special way. It will show information about how you play and give you a “Estimated rating” depending on how well you play (estimated rating will never be more than 2500).

2 thoughts on “New plugins and new AI on the #Server!

    1. admin Post author

      The plugins cannot be downloaded, you can use them and play with them when you’re connected to Multiplayer. If you’re using the online Flash client, click the “Special Game” button in the lower-right corner of the lobby.


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