Minesweeper Flags Extreme was launched to the web in march 2008. It has always been free to play online, and my goal is that it remains this way.

However, maintaining and improving Minesweeper Flags Extreme is a task that takes a lot of time. I love developing things, but unfortunately I must think about my economy. Therefore I kindly ask you to consider making a donation to help me continue doing what it is I love to do. I need your help to continue keeping Minesweeper Flags Extreme alive.

If I would get just $0.10 for each game that is played on my site, that would be a lot of help to let me make a living out of developing games and tools for these games that entertain you for maybe just a couple of hours, maybe several days, or maybe for more than five years.

Click the button below to make a donation with PayPal:


Simon Forsberg
Creator, administrator, manager, webmaster, and basically everything else, of Minesweeper Flags Extreme

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    1. admin Post author

      Sorry for a very late reply, everything should be working fine these days. If you still have problems let me know.


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