Monthly Archives: September 2013

New plugins and new AI on the #Server!

Server updates:
- New Plugins: SmallerBoard10 and SmallerBoard12. For games on smaller boards (10×10 or 12×12). Bomb explodes a smaller area as well. (Because of the client, it still looks big before you actually use it)
- The better AIs requires the opponent to have at least (AI rating – 800) rating to play. For example, AI Nightmare has 3200. So you need at least 3200 – 800 = 2400 rating to play Nightmare.
- New AI: #AI_Mirror (since AI_Mirror does not have rating, you need to have 2500 rating to play it). This is only the first version of AI_Mirror. Balancing it is not easy. It can be really slow if you play in a special way. It will show information about how you play and give you a “Estimated rating” depending on how well you play (estimated rating will never be more than 2500).